Tuesday, November 20, 2012

No sound from HP ENVY 14 Beats Edition laptop

No sound came out from my HP ENVY 14 a week ago. One day it was there and the other day, there was nothing! And I was back in Singapore. Not wanting to deal with this hassle yet, I stalled it till today.

HP 24/7 online support seemed to be aware of the problem: a recent update caused this. So, the technician did this:

1) Go start > control panel > programs and features
2) Uninstall 'IDT audio' (this should be the updated version and causing the problem). Do NOT restart your laptop.

3) Start > search for 'recovery manager'
4) Click on 'Driver and Application reinstallation'
5) Click on 'IDT audio' and install it.
6) Reboot after installation.
** For some reason, after I rebooted, I got a message saying that the program didn't run correctly. Ignore this...

7) Try playing your music - it should work perfectly

Reinstalling the original driver from here DIDN'T work for me. There was an error message saying that my hardware detected is not supported by IDT software...

Hope this helps some people!