Wednesday, August 15, 2012




虛僞的不是世界, 是行走在世界裏的人. :) 只要你的世界裏没有虛僞的人, 那你就不用感慨他人的虚伪. :)
--Soon J FF

Sunday, August 5, 2012

Text-enhancer ruining my blog!

Unfortunate events come in a series and I must say irritating events too... The double scroll-bar first then when I am documenting things on my blog, "text enhancers" start smearing my blog and every other blog that I visit with ads and "text enhancers"! *roll eyes*

Seriously man... 

I scoured the net again and found these remedies:

Putting things together, I came up with a little protocol:
1) Go to "Wrench">Settings. 
2) Scroll all the way down to "Show advanced settings", click to open.
3) Find "Privacy" (first one), click "Contents Settings">Cookies>Manage Exceptions.
4) Add "" and BLOCK it.
5) Next, back up one level, on "Contents Settings">Cookies>"All cookies and site data", search for "text" and delete anything suspicious.
6) Go "wrench" again and Tools>Extensions. Disable anything weird.

Hopefully, these will work... *cross fingers*

Double scroll bar on Chrome

Notice the double scroll bar to the right. The squishing is hard to make out but it makes highlighting and clicking on hyperlinks extremely difficult since despite everything being skewed to the left, somehow the cursor doesn't register the skew when you highlight... Discombobulated.

For some reason, recently, I have been getting this VERY IRRITATING double-scroll-bar-squished webpages from my Chrome browser for non-Google pages. This makes surfing an extremely painful experience, unfortunately, especially with all the Olympics going on. I didn't want to give up on Chrome yet.

1) So I reinstalled Chrome --> didn't solve the problem.

2) I search deeper and found this:!topic/chrome/Q3bCcMuDGTo

Follow the steps here:
a) Go to "chrome://plugins"
b) Click on "+" sign next to Details at the top right to expand all the information about the plugins.
c) Under "Flash" (which is the first one for me), search for the Location that ends with "...PepperFlash/pepflashplayer.dll" (use the search function, or it's the first one for me too) and DISABLE it.
d) Re-start the browser and the problem should go away!! Hurray!!

Saturday, August 4, 2012

UNIX wget fetch equivalent of pdb files!

Wanted a very easy way to grab PDB files like the 'fetch' command in Pymol.

Found this gem:

I tried and it worked:

I am so gonna put this into a simple shell script.