Saturday, October 22, 2011

iPhone iOS5: Contacts Wiped and Viber does not work...

Recently upgraded my iPhone OS to iOS5. Took quite a bit of time.

A few changes on the design of the interface. The messaging is definitely much better, in the sense that now it doesn't slam the entire message right across the screen and pause what I am doing. The messages and texts are now placed somewhat less conspicuously at the top and stack up as more come in.

Another great feature is the camera and the music activation at LOCK screen when you DOUBLE-CLICK the home button. There is a pictorial explanation here if you do not know what I am talking about:

I find the Newsstand quite useless though and you can't really get it out of the way by grouping or deleting the icon.

iMessage works like a Whatsapp now. I would still use Whatsapp for international anyway.

I do realize though my contacts were supposedly wiped. And Viber doesnt work either.

1) I edited one of the entries in the Contacts, save it - all the contacts came back. Then I changed back that edit I made in the first place. This website here gives you FIVE ways to recover your contacts:

2) I reinstalled Viber. It works again. But I realize if the person you are calling doesn't have an updated version of Viber, you can't call him either.


Viber said...

This is a member of Viber Dev. Team.

Thanks for writing this workaround for the Viber contacts issue. :)

For the best call quality experience, your contacts need to have the same Viber version as you (the latest).
However, you can call and text also with users who have Viber version 2.0.4 and above. :)

If you have questions about Viber feel free to ask me. :)
Viber Team

Anonymous said...

Hi, I deleted Viber and re-installed. My daughter as well. Still not working. When I try to call her I am told that she doesn't have Viber installed which is not true. None of my contacts appear to have Viber although many of them do.
No solution so far.

jm said...

Hi Anonymous,

Hmm, my problem was solved using what I did. Hopefully the Viber team can chip in a solution soon.

In the meantime, I would like to help, if you are willing to try: have you checked the versions of your Viber and your daughter's? Just to be sure that it's the same version. Mine is

Viber said...

Hi Anonymous,

Like jm said, please make sure you have the latest version of Viber.

Did you try the workaround suggested here?
What devices do you and your daughter use?

Thanks in advance!

Anonymous said...

hi i have i phone 4 s and after downloading from the apple store when i call any contact i dont har any thing even the sound of ringing &
there is no update on the app store

jm said...

Hi Anonymous, you might want to try reinstalling Viber again. I do not have an iphone 4S, so I haven't encountered that problem but usually reinstalling might help. Maybe you can try looking up on the Internet Apple forums to see if there are any resolutions? Or the Viber Team? Maybe they can help if they drop by...