Monday, October 31, 2011

How to add the official Twitter's Tweet button to Blogger

Learnt to add the Tweet button to blog. Haha, gotta keep up with the generation man. Was contemplating whether to add a counter beside the Tweet button. Might be too embarrassing to see them lower than 10. But then again, might be interesting to see what entries actually get tweet-ed the most. Haha. So I will let the numbers stay there for a while.

Step 1:
Go to this page:
to create your code to embed the button.

Step 2:
Copy that code

Step 3:
Go back to Blogger > Design > Edit HTML. Check the box "Expand Widgets Template".
Search the code for this:

Paste the code AFTER this line. If you paste it before, the button appears in between the entries.

Find a suitable position on your HTML code by experimenting: cut and paste the code into certain segments of the HTML code, like after "Post Labels", "Author" etc. to obtain an optimal position for your tweet button.

Apparently you can also customize messages. Got the know-how from this page:

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