Monday, October 24, 2011

Miranda on BBC

Type "Miranda" in Google and you will come up with lots of hits. Miranda Cosgrove just got involved in an accident (don't know who she is actually; but she is born in 1993, so young!), Miranda Lambert (singer) and Dr Miranda Bailey (from Grey's Anatomy, one of favorite characters). Wonder why Miranda is such a popular name.

But I am going to just zoom in on Miranda of the BBC sitcom - wait for it ---- Miranda... It's really about the life of a 6 feet tall, slightly overweight British lady who frequently gets mistaken for a man and her funny and clumsy behavior, especially in front of handsome men. She has feelings for her college crush, Gary Preston, played by Tom Ellis - undeniably charming and has feelings for Miranda too! He JUST happened to be the chef in the restaurant round the corner of her joke shop. Yes, joke shop that sells chocolate willies (seriously).

That's just a very rough synopsis. It is not giving justice to the amount of humor (even if a lot of them are British) that is packed in those episodes. They kept me laughing and rocking about the chair the whole time. "Such fun" indeed!! Really entertaining! Most importantly, it's only half an hour per episode - I can watch during mealtimes. They are onto season 2 but season 3 is expected to be out only in 2012. Highly recommended! One of the funniest shows I have watched.

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