Sunday, August 5, 2012

Text-enhancer ruining my blog!

Unfortunate events come in a series and I must say irritating events too... The double scroll-bar first then when I am documenting things on my blog, "text enhancers" start smearing my blog and every other blog that I visit with ads and "text enhancers"! *roll eyes*

Seriously man... 

I scoured the net again and found these remedies:

Putting things together, I came up with a little protocol:
1) Go to "Wrench">Settings. 
2) Scroll all the way down to "Show advanced settings", click to open.
3) Find "Privacy" (first one), click "Contents Settings">Cookies>Manage Exceptions.
4) Add "" and BLOCK it.
5) Next, back up one level, on "Contents Settings">Cookies>"All cookies and site data", search for "text" and delete anything suspicious.
6) Go "wrench" again and Tools>Extensions. Disable anything weird.

Hopefully, these will work... *cross fingers*

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