Friday, June 15, 2007

090607 - Dinner

The whole world's girlfriends are coming to Germany... Yes I know. There's Weimin's, there's Jason's, there's Junwei's, there's Wilson's etc etc and here we have Chong Wee's. And they have to wear matching outfits... zzzzz...

Here we have Chong Wee's girlfriend, Jiaying, who just arrived this morning. Jet-lagged and sleepy and all. Nonetheless, despite all the fatigue, still joined us for dinner.

Dinner that night, unfortunately, due to seriously unforeseen circumstances, was held at ChongWee's place. But good for poor Jiaying too. Had Jialin and Mel to come over as well, so 4 black-shirts and 1 white shirt (guess who?) had curry chicken! Oh, thank god they din add the super spicy ingredient. Thanks to Jiaying, we get to have a bit of homely taste. And dun forget the appetisers and desserts provided by Jialin and Mel respectively. Doesn't that just look sumptuous? And we talked and talked like we din want to end the little gathering... From primary school, to eyelashes, to TV shows, and what not. Whoa, din know there were so many things to talk about under the sun.

A prelude to the bigger gathering next week. Kindda looking forward to it...

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