Thursday, August 14, 2008

Re-reading the speech

The speech below is really very thought-provoking and inspiring... No wonder he's a litigator. HA! Should all read it.

Dedicate this speech to all my friends out there, who are reading this, whether you are grappling with the adversities of life and/or happily keeping your head above waters,

to my dear, who has read it but shld read it again at comfort (a different read, gives a different perspective),

to Rus, who is frantically adjusting to life back here again (take ur time bud) and all the things coming ur way (good or bad, HOLD ON),

to my bro, if you ever drop by here (for all the woes of the world u carry on your shoulders, hope this one inspires you enough, or do u prefer something japanese?! :P)...

Ok back to work.

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