Friday, April 10, 2009

Birthday surprise!

Ok it's that time of the year again, where you officially get one year older and people starts calling you the "late-twenties club member". But more importantly for me, for the first time, I am really starting to feel the weight of growing up - responsibilities.

I think stepping into the working world has that effect on people. Especially when you are the sole breadwinner of the family now. Some people realised this slower than others - the late bloomers, there are some others who have always known - the mature ones - and there are some who chose not to know - the oblivious. Whatever the case (I think I belong to the slower cohort LOLX), time just dons responsibilities on you. Like clothes. You either try to fit into it, or you burst it and then u realise u r barenaked. And then u either go on to try something new or u cower in embarrassment.

Other than responsibilities, I think there is something call prioritization. And it means when u have an astronomically long list of responsibilities, you start by sorting which one is more important, sometimes not in the practical sense. And to me, that is not something innate. But sometimes, the order can change according to the scenarios and acclimatization then sets in to work. So then you have to do change accommodation.

Big words? Well, I guess that's part of growing up too, you start learning huge jargons..


SO, 26 years later, on this day that I was born, I had chosen to go to the office, instead of taking leave (prioritization at work), and nobody else at work seems to realise this is my birthday (except for a few), so I kept mum (acclimatization).

Anyway, trivialities aside, this year's birthday is exceptionally special cos I am spending it with my dearie for the first time. She really did pounce multiple surprises on me, like swept me off the ground kind, on a number of occasions: from the flowers at work, to the surprise dinner (absolutelyhaven@prinsep), to the surprise cake, to the card and she drove me home. All done despite the fact that she was feeling unwell.

To my sweet dearie, I am beyond words. I can only say, I totally appreciate it more than anything, and the anticipation and happiness of the day itself (it started right from morning) would have to be the best present that I ever received. Thank you, sweetie. =P

And please, do get well soon.

And to all good friends out there, thank you as well.

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