Sunday, May 10, 2009

mum and dad

I am thankful for my mum's genes... LOLX
I had always an unwavering impression of my parents. My dad, the father that I could never get close enough to, the kind you respect but kept a distance and my mum, the most lovable mother I have ever known, the kind you feel the heavens have sent to love you and care for you wholly and willingly dedicate herself to your whole life right from the very start, and then u grow up and love and care in return.

As you can see, I am close to my mum. I once asked my mum if love still exists between my dad and her, after all these years of ups and downs. And she said, it does but it evolved into a different sort of love. Then, I thought, if a love changed, then what actually is it? I couldn't get past my narrow image of an 'altered' form of love. Then that day, while I held XL's hand and walked behind my parents, I looked and it started to dawn upon me a little. Not much, but minutely.

That, the relationship between my parents, does not fall into the category of old couples "still madly in love" with each other, the kind where two white-haired individuals hand in hand strolled in parks. No, not that. More, it is the cherishing of a decades-old relationship, a form of familiarity forged between each other, that staying together now, is more perceivable than staying apart. That, you have learnt, experienced, endured, held on together for so many years, that it becomes only natural to be together than otherwise.

Do not think, though, I have captured that uncanny fleeting image that I had at that moment appropriately, because I do not think I had truly understood that either.

Frankly, I had once upon a time thought it was a sad thing. That my dad wasn't good enough to keep loving such an angel of a lady as my mum like she deserved; I had thought that my dad was so lucky to have my mum at his side, all this time. But there and then, I saw my parents walking and talking and laughing and relaxing, just the two of them, side by side, like there was nothing else in this world worth to talk about except the things they were talking about, to each other. The way I saw my dad bought my favourite tu-tu kuehs and my mum's favourite mua-chee, the way he walked purposefully to the desired stalls, out of the myriad of stalls that stood there. The way my mum discusses like it's the most natural thing to do in front of the TV with my dad, about any shows. The way they are at ease at each other's presence. At peace...

Courtesy of my dearie's superb idea that got the both of them so mirthful @TungLeSignatures,Vivocity
Then perhaps, there was nothing really to be sad about anything. Perhaps the most important thing is the companionship that they had found in each other in the first place. That the familiarity that had bred over the eons. That, perhaps then, is another kind of love. It may not be the conventional kind that a lot of people will be envious of, but one that would last till the end of days. It is bliss all the same.

On this Mother's Day, I would wish my beloved mum and my equally beloved aunt, my second-mum-equivalent, a very happy Mother's Day, and may health and happiness always be with both of you. Love u both =P And to my dearie's mum as well, of whom I have enormous respect for, 永远笑口常开.

And to all the mums in the world, a great salute from me, for all the love that you have, that could never ever be supplanted. A very happy Mother's Day indeed. I believe it might not be a celebration to many mothers around globe, but it's definitely a day dedicated to mothers, where the world remembers you and your love for your children.
Courtesy of my brother's professional photography @MarinaBarrage

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