Wednesday, October 7, 2009


As always the story starts with a "WOW" factor. Like "Wow! There's a Taiwanese Channel!" My mum was so enthralled by that fact, "Maybe Meow is not so bad after all..."

"OH! We have 东风!" My dad's equally amazed by that.

And me, just realised a few days ago, there's the old XMEN. I was just surprised. Pleasantly. At that time, that is.

But these don't really last long. Being new to TV-on-demand entertainment, it turns out, all the programmes got shut down today. Apparently, we have reached the one-month FOC threshold. Oh well, my dad thought it was spoilt and actually called down the SingNet engineer LOLX... Ok nvm, embarrassing things aside.... The mioHome was initially subscribed because it bundled up all my mioTV and Broadband under an account, and upgraded my Broadband (3Mbps to 6Mbps) at a reduced price. Probably because my original Broadband subscription is becoming obsolete anyway. I guess we can live without mioTV programmes.

I actually sat down and watched the only free things now - the 'Exclusive' 15 blockbuster movies per month thingy. YA, "blockbuster". Was scrolling through, ya ok looking, since only 15 titles, then picked 十二莲花to watch. Never watched before, and since my parents too, it's free, might as well. Turned out it's a hybrid of a musical and drama. Somehow I didn't exceptionally like it. Neither did my parents. Singing's good but think some are dubbed over. But the protagonist is really 悲剧人物. Why do Singaporean films always try to make such films?

So while waiting for my dearest, I kind of surfed the mioTV website and found the pricing list.... zzzz....

Ok la, not that ex, if I just go by certain channels... Can consider signing up for my parents. But well, we will see.

Oh there's Jennifer Aniston's old show "Picture Perfect". Wanna watch dear?

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