Sunday, February 19, 2012

Dedicated to every single family, friend, and you

An email from a great great friend, triggered this entry. I thought I would share my heartfelt response for the world to see, to celebrate a gesture of a friendship that I hold so dear to my heart =) And to G, if you are reading this, this goes to you. 

...I am hanging in here haha. There is really nothing much I can do otherwise, really, but to live life to the best that I can. It’s a struggle sometimes (to be 9496 miles away from all my loved ones), but I think that all the more hardens my resolute for the future. 
And every day I feel my life is so blessed, to have so many people that care so much – my family and friends back home, amazing friends I have met and came to accept me for who I am, like you and a partner like her (X) that stands by me all the time – that’s enough motivation to keep me going  =) Sometimes, I feel I am so undeserving of all the overwhelming love - it serves as a constant reminder.
To my X, like you, to me, you are neither friend nor family, because you are BOTH. And much much more =) Looking forward to the day I hold you in my arms again...

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