Sunday, September 30, 2012


Sometimes, even before a journey ends, I start counting my blessings - who should I include in a final acknowledgements, if I ever were to give one. I realize this can be a very difficult decision.

People move in and out of your life. They touch yours and you touch theirs. Sometimes, you never really know the full impacts of those who briefly pass you by until much later and those you felt had a huge impact might not mutually feel the immensity to the same degree.

"But who am I to tell fate where it's supposed to go" - Colbie Caillat, "Brighter than the sun"

And who am I to judge whether it's "to the same degree", or whether to discount those impacts any more than the meaning than they ought to have. But again, what is the "meaning they ought to have"? Every now and then, you stare out into space right into eternity, and think of all the uncertainties that swirl around everybody. Everybody is a walking maelstrom of changing possibilities!

The same thing done today if performed 4 years ago on the same person can have a randomly different effect.

That's when the power of logic starts fading, but memories, the heart and the intangibles take center-stage and supplant your line of thoughts.

I guess then, it will not be until the day before making those acknowledgements that I will realize who I should include. Even then, it will only be a snapshot of my gratitude. And I come to a conclusion that acknowledgements are timepoint-dependent, not a full recount - I think I will feel a little more balanced in this realization whenever I see the next acknowledgement slide.

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