Monday, February 4, 2008

Non-Monday Blues

I actually thought school was quite cool today, cos we happened to be looking at the X-ray machine for X-ray crystallography. It is probably the first cool gadget that I have seen in NUS ever since I stepped into that campus. Looks like some machine out of a sci-fi movie, dun you think? Well, it emits X-rays... And you get to put a crystal in the middle of that tip, with white fumes pumping out at 110K (-183 degrees)...

Went to catch 27 Dresses today with AX. We thought it was nicely done. The kind of sweet, funny, little, predictable, down-to-earth show that will touch your heart, in one way or another. But definitely not the heart-wrenching, or nerve-jarring kindda earth-shaking flick. But just say that sometimes, plain water tastes sweeter than normal. So I would say it was well worth my money.

But well, kindda find Katherine Heigl looking a tad older than normal, though still glamourous, and pairing with James Marsden was indeed a refreshing combination. Sad to say, despite being a good actor, this is probably one of the few shows James Marsden is the lead. And both of them do look good together. Oh, and I especially liked the 'Casey', the witty and hilarious 'best friend' of Kat Heigl in the show. She's really one of a kind, HAHA... Her appearance never fails to make me grin or laugh or nod my head in agreement LOLX. And the sister 'Tess', who is really such an eye candy - think a bit of Keira Knightley and a bit of Scarlett Johansson.

Then AX and me had a good chat at a 24-hour Mr Teh Tarik Cafe. Probably the only 24-hour eatery at Tiong Bahru Plaza. But it was not bad for a chill-out.

No one says you have to be gloomy on Mondays. Despite the fact that it is 4 am in the morning and I am still here doing my FYP :S But well, technically speaking, it's Tuesday...

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