Tuesday, February 12, 2008


CNY 2008 was a super long weekend. A good long break from the buzz of hectic life. Anyway, this year my family decided to do something out of the norm: we decided to go Kbox! Much to my pleasure, and of course since my aunt and my brother are far more frequent patrons of the Box.

Anyway, CNY eve was the usual steamboat at home, with TV. CNY first day was watching movie, lunch then Kbox. We watched 老师嫁老大 by Fann Wong and Mark Lee. It was hilarious. Mark Lee's portrayal of a Malaysian chao ah gua, is indeed pow-derful. Must watch!! Was really funny whenever Mark Lee talked. Jack Neo is really a not-bad director.KBox was, well, fun as always. After that Kbox session, I think within each and everyone, regardless of age and gender, there lies this inner desire to be a star or to be heard. And Kbox provides this platform for people of all ages to un-suppress that yearning. It is a totally different feeling when you hear your mum, dad and aunt sing. A little creepy but happy all the same. LOLX. We sang Chinese songs, my bro sang Jap songs (listen to his Jap manz, pro lo, not the old Sakura songs k. The likes of Ayumi, Ayaka and L'Arc~en~Ciel!!), we even sang New Year songs and 巫启贤's Kopi-O! SUCK THAT!

Although it's indeed a whole new dimension when you sing with your parents and aunt who happened to live in a different era from you, it was nonetheless, fun. And the power of Kbox to connect people through voices and laughter is amazing! I have never failed to awe at the ability of a Box, the 4 times I have been there. I must say, I really admire the person who came up with this Karaoke idea in the first place.

Food that day was so-so. Lunch ended up eating at the Hong Kong restaurant at Cineleisure. It was quite nice actually. But dinner was at this coffee house in Chinatown, and it sucked like hell. Service was bad, food so-so. Haiz. But oh well, we were all tired out to complain about anything. Morning 10 am out till 10 pm is no joke.

Holidays were never slow-moving. It's over usually very fast. But oh well, glad there was this interim. Back to school. Back to FYP.

Missing the pineapple tarts already.

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