Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Clearing the Cobwebs

Don't you just love the alliteration?

Ok, I know I have not been updating *yes...* but seriously, I am up to my neck to write a proper entry.

Hehe so here's one not-so-proper entry to tell u guys out there: I am not dumping this blog yet!

I am pretty much into Chinese again these few weeks, wonder why. Sudden urge, like my night hunger pangs. So think might write an entry in Chinese. Might be in the form of some literary work (dun vomit), I suddenly have the Lust (German) to write. So stay tune :P

2 interviews... 2 government boards... MOE. EDB. Totally unprepared... Do we get to apply for the same job twice? Somehow, I regret signing up for a teaching job so early in my career...

Ok on to prepare for my day later...

Keep it going guys... The end is nigh...

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