Monday, March 17, 2008


Ok I am not the one being autographed here. *obviously*

But I received this autograph book from my friend to write. It's been a long time manz since I write in an autograph book. Think the last time was in JC. Never thought I would write in one again. Very surprising when I saw the book on the seat when I went for lecture LOLX. Surprise here is two-fold: 1) the autograph book and 2) the pink book (XL, pls dunt squeal). Although I find it a bit too pinkish and too beyond-words-to-describe (yes ZHI totally agree with you) and I thought only 6-year-old HL would want this kindda thing, I was equally happy, cos it reminds me of old times.

Back then, autograph books held a lot of meanings. It marks the end of a milestone of my life. It holds some dear memories of people that have gone through thick and thin in that year with me. I wondered who started this autograph thingy, but it was in primary 6 that I sort of pick it up. I remembered going around my primary school class, cajoling and even coercing people for autographs and drawings!! HAHA!! I am the only one in class who had the ENTIRE class of 42's autographs *smug*

Then secondary school came. Secondary 4, I went around garnering autographs as well. Then by JC2's time it almost seemed like a ritual already, only this time I included my OAC peeps. Of course, I have all 3 of the books with me, nicely kept. Now, photos are my prized possessions as well.

Photos and books are my life framed in tangibility. I prefer things more tangible.

虚无缥缈,给我海市蜃楼,井中月的感觉; 摸不着,也抓不透。

And when you actually look at your photos and books, you will see how much you have grown. For better or for worse. Nonetheless, they never fail to brighten my day.


Yup indeed, they have never once failed to liven up my spirits.


Oh, and I remembered I will read everybody's entries whenever I get an autograph book. Interested in what people say, how they write, how they decorate usw. One more thing about autograph books. They always have quotes! HAHA! And I love quotes.

So here's one and one of my all-time favourite:
Nobody really cares if you're miserable, so you might as well be happy.
-- Cynthia Nelms

So to you people, who are feeling frustrated and moody and angry and irritated, take a deep breath and SMILE!

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