Monday, March 31, 2008

My 3 books

Science got bazaar today!! Ok nothing exactly new . But happened to spot old books for sale and found some interesting books. So decided to splurge my money to, ya know, reward myself. Plus it's my birthday soon (*hint hint*), so I went to look through the books.

First book I found was from one of my favourite fantasy authors, Anne McCaffrey, "Power Play". She usually writes book series, so this is like the third of her 'Power' series. I have read the first one, "Powers that be", so decided to borrow the second one and get hold of this one. Usually Singapore library books are like strewn all over the island...

Second book I spotted was "The Tunnel of Cu Chi". About the Vietnam Wars. The only reason why I bought it was because I am going Vietnam. So I thought it would be a good read on the train trips across Vietnam and probably I can have a better feeling of the land while I am travelling there. Incidentally, Singapore's run of the "世界正美丽" during the weekend was on Vietnam!! It was SOOOO interesting!! Couldn't wait to go Vietnam LOLX... Although my mum's best friend (yes R, ZY's mum) just came back from Vietnam and said it was hot 到..... She said "not fun at all"... Well we shall see...

Third book, to all German kakis, "HEISENBERG and the Nazi Atomic Bomb Project"! Familiar name, familiar name. Think he is the one that had hay fever and went to full-of-fresh-air and, quoting from Wiki, pollen-free, Helgoland (for those interested to know this German Archipelago in the North Sea) and Munich. Yeah yeah... Think they should occupy me for quite sometime, after I finish Little Prince, which I find a tad too boring for my liking. I know it's a classic. But apparently, I don't have affinities with a lot of classics, as in the likes of Tom Sawyer, Huckleberry Finn, Great Expectations etc... Find them a little too verbose and a little pompous for my taste. Struggling very hard to finish it although I know again, it is a children's book.

ALL 3 books for just 15 SGD!! Sonderangebot! Sonderpreis! Whilst stock last!! LOLx... Aftereffect of Produktvorstellung last week.

Speaking of my birthday, I have a job interview on my birthday!! Plus there is a German test on that day!! Dang... But well, hopefully my birthday star will shine so bright that I can pass all with superb results. Not like last time. Buang until... haiz...
But well, I am truly looking forward to graduation now that my thesis is over. Hey people, for those of you we graduating together ahz, must take photo that day ahz. Dun all dao ahz.. YOU there, dun act act what camera-shy. Act that day 抓你拿去枪毙!! WAHAHAHA!!

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