Wednesday, April 2, 2008

$100 gone in 2 seconds

That's how I lost my $100 incentive in IPPT... Bloody 2 seconds to silver... I shouted "F***!" so loudly at the end of the run when I saw the time board showing my timing...

Damn sianz... I thought I was making good time 7.33 min finishing the second round (3 rounds only, so 11.40min to silver, do your math). Then the last round started to give me problems... Firstly I dropped my right side contact lens... first F***... I knew it was torn already but I din have a replacement at my aunt's place but when it started to get on my nerves I took it off... Then I started to have the lao sai feeling, cos btw, just recovered totally from my diarrhoea on Sunday. Bo bian, have to stop. Then the momentum TOTALLY gone.

I could feel my adrenaline rushing, heart beating like crazy, breathing was horrendous, I was literally gasping for breath. The chief PTI came and thought I was gonna conked out. But well, it's just my usual stuff. Damn, I should have just forget about the lao sai feeling and keep running. What was worse was I overtook the guy whom I think was gonna get silver. I mean he looked damn fit lo. So I paced him. He was in front then oddly, I felt our distance closer, ended up I overtook him but there was nobody more in front of me.

But well, I knew I wasn't in good shape today. Sunday I felt I have recovered finally from the diarrhoea. Wondered why it took so long, then think maybe it was the stress. Anyway, I ran on Monday and couldn't even complete 2 rounds of 400m straight!!! Totally flabbergasted and disgusted. It's that bad. Mental was bad, physical was bad. And I was so weak after my Monday's run.

Din think one week of little sleep (3-4 hours per night) and less eating (no lunches) and no training would have such a huge toll on me and zapped so much mental and physical strength out of me. Then again, the diarrhoea must have dehydrated and killed lotsa my body cells.

Hinweis to self: Do not burn midnight oils and not eat. It kills you. Well, it really took me so long to realise the REAL importance of sleep and diet. Just one week it's enough to kill you, ok, putting being sick aside. But I wasn't that sick what, just frequent runs in the toilet, that's all.... But I must say the Actal Antacids work wonders. And it taste like sweets. Now I know how I could cure my flatulence effectively.

Well, I still get to keep $100. But the pride hurts. Lost my streak of silver!!! DAMN! Not that it's gold or what la, but then hoh the thought of missing silver by 2 seconds sux!! Then all the if-onlys start swarming in. I lost $100 and my streak of silver over the past few years just by 2 seconds.

Other than shares and gambling, this has gotta be the fastest loss in my life.

But well, minor no doubt, I ought to get it out of my head.

Was geschehen ist, ist geschehen.

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