Monday, April 21, 2008


Hahaha (think Tanya in Red Alert) *piak piak* *pssh* *psssh*

I think truly this is one of the most realtime games I have ever played. THIS IS WAR! HAHA! Ok war is probably bloodier, more grotesque and probably a million times more morbid than this, but well, in times of peace, I would like to think this is truly a fun emulation. According to the people over there, the largest Paintball tournament was in the U.S., where they tried to re-enact the whole of the Battle of Normandy at WWII, with 4000++ people. WHOA!

So on this day of reckoning, the men decided to embark on this combat mission. Objective: to wipe out all the enemies. Benny, a clear target with this humongous physique and striking blue overalls (but nobody shoots him....), Stefan, a soldier on exchange from Germany (truly the MAN), YC (my tag team buddy, AKA the flag grabber), Ziming (opponent to be exterminated), TP (opponent to be exterminated), Najib (opponent to be exterminated), and his friends (ps, really forgot their names, only rem Diena? Well cos she was in my team.) and our organiser, SW (the cockster in the team who lost his ammo in combat.. wahaha lolx). I am probably the only goon-do (AKA the brick grabber and another cockster who IAed on the first round) to wear white but well, that is the only shirt I can do away with anyway.

After our ops briefing, we are ready to roll out!
Stealth is of the essence...
This is WAR!
Fire in the hole!

In the end, our MVP goes to Stefan, the deadliest brain and brawn in the field, who kept being cajoled by the people there to join the tournaments! GEIL! Think Siwei is gian already as well...

All in all, despite doing this in the study week (guilt-ridden.. like real, ha), Paintball was fun, especially with so many people around, new friends to meet and places to chill.
Kanna from Paintballs!!

I think most of us suffered some injuries of sorts. Lucky (oder leider) I din get hit by the Paintball on my body... The Paintballs hit me on the vest and the mask and a richochet, but none too painful definitely, cos no marks whatsoever. But was left with abrasion injuries on my hands and arms through sliding on the sand and barriers. Think pus is gonna come out of my wound soon.... Aber o well, shld have just stood there and get hit by a Paintball and see how it is like HAHA. I can only imagine it being like hit by a squash ball going at full swing. Ouch!

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