Sunday, April 27, 2008

END OF FYP!!! once & for all...

We were so happy to finish our FYP presentation that we decided to take photos with the S16 level 8 lab that we have spent so many hours in...

The faithful lab that is exclusive to only comp bio or comp bio-related people haha, cos it's security-bound, so you need card wahahaha... Feels like a high-security vault where only selected people are allowed in the premise.. The privileged ha! *Self-delusion*

But well, gonna miss its quietness and the humming of the SunSystems, somehow.. Kindda liked the place, it's like THE fav hideout for us comp bio people. Somewhere deep within, I think I have grown attached to it. And the view from LEVEL 8 is splendid!

Here, I would like to thank WK especially for being there for my FYP, else I would really be a lone fighter and also for his career advice and his fervent emailing of open job positions! Greatly appreciated. Good luck for your phD at Novartis!

And to Christian, our ever-so-friendly-and-willing-to-help admin officer, A big thank you! Good luck in your new job at MAS! Or is it somewhere else? Arrgh egal hehe.. Best wishes for future endeavours!

Hmmm, I just realised everybody's leaving NUS.... LOLX

Protagonists in photos:
1) Ph (not in formal, cos she finished her presentation last week) - she is getting married next month!! Congrats Phuong!! I will keep you posted if I can make it to Vietnam again.

2) YY (in formal wear) - Prof Chen wants to publish her FYP project!! WOW!! Congrats!! Join GIS la, then we can go Phuong's wedding together if they allow haha...

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