Monday, April 14, 2008


Sunday was a weird day indeed. I went for the tuition who was recommended by my other tutee. First time there. When I was leaving, I merely mentioned about me need ing to buy a new handphone cos my old phone is spoilt. The dad then said "Oh I got a phone that I dun want. I can give you." I immediately refused of course I mean how can first meeting then he give me something? Not like I deserve it. We were at the door already. I was almost on the verge of running away. Then he came with an.... IPHONE! Can you frigging believe it?!?!?

I was dumbfounded and kept refusing the gift lo. I mean how many people give you an IPHONE for a free gift!!! And during the first meeting! Damn ex somemore, and not like I deserve it at all. I was literally pulling away from the door. Then he shoved it in my hand. HAiz... Not nice to 拉拉扯扯 at people's front door also. So I accepted it. (!!!!) For a moment, I thought why give me such an ex gift, is it contraband? Or got heroin one? Or they have incriminating evidence in the phone and wanna use me to get rid of it? Are policemen following me? Maybe there're GPS buttons on the phone. (my bro asked me go write drama serials best.)

Reached home my bro was at all paws at the iphone. Turned out it REALLY IS a true-blown, cracked, AT&T iphone which my bro has always wanted. I actually wanted to return the tutee's dad next week, but... haiz... So in the end, my bro and mum bought me a new phone LG KS20 and my bro got the iphone. Hopefully, the tutee's dad dun try to get it back next week. *cross finger cross finger*

I guess the implication is: Please teach my daughter well, or else, I am not giving you tuition fees for the next half a year!! LOLX... *stress**stress*

But I am at ALL paws at my new gadget of KS20. It has ALL the functions I wanted: FM radio, mp3 player, PDA, phone, WIFI, bluetooth, camera with flash (YEAH! XL dun whack me LOLX) all rolled into one magnificent stylish black lightweight ergonomic amazing artwork of beauty. Apparently this worth more than an iphone, and wins iphone at all the stats except the screen of course :P The only problem thus far I have is the contacts. It can't copy SIM card contacts collectively!!! Have to do it singly. Wah lau sian lo... I changed my ancient Dual band SIM card to a 3G one also. In the end had to make another trip down to transfer my contacts cos I forgot to do it that time. But oh well, I truly adore my new gadget. AND it fits the colour of my VAIO!!

You can have a perfect review of the phone here. Flashy simulations here.
Please drool...

Check out the size!

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