Thursday, April 24, 2008

I am hot!

DEFINITELY NOT in the physical sense HAHA!

I din believe XH that bioinformatics specialist is a hot position until I received another principal investigator's (PI) email from GIS asking me to go down for interview.

Well, I can't be in GIS and then going for another GIS interview right? Totally duh... Or am I missing something here? Xh care to explain...

Nonetheless greatly appreciate the fact that most probably my resume looks good, haha. Thanks to my referees (I super kiasu got 5 referees, and I actually used all of them by discretion) and internships I guess. Really must thank Bob, Leonard and Prof Chen for writing my referral letters (though the last one is more of I draft out one); Bob, I have seen his testimonial, thanks for writing such a superbly nice one for me :P Felt that all the hard work then was well worth it. HAHA! Well, if you r reading this, from the bottom of my heart, you are a thoroughly likeable boss too. Just couldn't thank you enough.

Din feel very good from correspondence with a particular prospective employer, but well, she thought I was a snob. Maybe like what YC said maybe I said something confusing. Though I thought what I asked were really prim and proper. O well, let's just leave it behind.

Now it's back to my FYP presentation prep, stats project and stats exam, which I SERIOUSLY hope I dun fail.

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