Wednesday, April 9, 2008

Birthday treats - aunt & compbio

Woke up to a post-birthday treat today - durian rolls from Angie's!!! From my aunt no doubt. One of my favs naturally. Don't you just love the wholesome creamy feeling of pure heavenly durian melting in your mouth... *Qoooo*

Ok I gotta blog about my so-special birthday dinner with my compbio kakis! Haha so special, dint know Fish&Co., so onz one hahah... They actually did this sing-song thingy. Damn malu but damn coool!! HAha never had that before. Reminds me of the McDonald's party that I wanted to have when I was very young; always envious of the kids who get to do it :P

But they got me a "Hello Kitty" (for God's sake!!!) PINK (of all colours..) cake!! No wonder YT was asking me whether I like "Hello Kitty" during the dinner. I thought it was due to my "Winnie the Pooh" camera pouch which is my brother's Japan-purchase (he said it was kawaii...). I was so surprised when suddenly behind me people started singing birthday song. Come to think of it, no wonder they ask me to sit at that position. *sudden revelation* Though somewhat odd, the cake was a really nice surprise :P

A HUMONGOUS THANKS TO YY, Ph, J, YeCh, ZH, El, WT, LY and YT for being there and celebrating my belated birthday and for making it so special. No doubt a-quarter-of-a-century old, and my cake is still "Hello Kitty". Fish&Co crew must think I am a weirdo. Also for the present, card and the well-wishes. Love the present manz! Practical and durable. My fav type of gift HAHA!

Must thank Fish&Co. Also, they even took a picture and the whole staff actually wrote a card! Ok I know it's a gimmick, but nice all the same.

This is definitely gonna be one birthday celeb I will never forget.

Below pictures galore with a video of me standing on a chair and them singing song to me HAHA so paiseh! But well, THANK YOU TO YOU ALL AGAIN! Really looking forward to the Vietnam and Bangkok trip! Not too far now!!!

For ALL the pictures taken, please click here.

And guess who I saw after I left the gang? TC!! OMG! JC classmate. It's been eons since I last saw him! Nearly couldn't recognise him. Saw him hugging his gf then bade farewell. Then I looked again. Then finally I plucked up the courage to say his name. Finally he turned his head and IS HIM! Well, 感觉上似乎加了份沧桑又有点疲倦. But he dint change one bit. He came back from Johns Hopkins, and doing phD in August at MIT. Super high-flier la. Else how to be my "Allah" in JC right. Seriously, he was my teacher and my friend. One of the few persons I truly truly admire and respect: smart to the max (if you compare my intel to his, it would be a drop of seawater to the Pacific Ocean and I am NOT kidding), approachable and humourous; humility is one word that is epitomised on him.

Take care, my friend.. You seriously need a well-deserved break.

The Compbio Gang in full force :P
My present! Nice right haha!
The card from the Fish&Co. crew
Birthday card
YT and LY
Me, YY and Ph. YY was learning Vietnamese from Ph. Ok, YY you will be our official after the first 2 days. YEAH! Gambatte k? 就靠你了。haha!
THE cake... Ain't it pinkish? Wah doesn't look like my kindda cake at all lehz... But oh well, gotta appreciate the fact that a theme cake is not cheap... Esp when it's "Hello Kitty" which thousands of Singaporeans line up to get the soft toys...
YT proudly presenting the "Hello Kitty" box which she specially got it from the cake shop, say it's part of my birthday present.
The candid aftermath.

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