Thursday, April 10, 2008

Another birthday surprise...

Got another birthday surprise! Went K with XL, YC and SW again. It was like a post-Ausflug (outing) since we were all like busy with our theses and what-nots. Felt so fun to sing again haha.

The surprise was really quite weird. We were singing singing then YC chose this 温岚's <<祝我生日快乐>>. Then started wishing me Happy Birthday. I was like ermz ok, it was supposed to be a sad song somemore. So surreal to hear it being sung happily. HAHA! And then SW went out. Thought that foodie was gonna get more food. Turned out he came back with a cake and then came the real HAPPY BIRTHDAY song... I very touched lo haha. THANKS GUYS!

K-ing with them is always such an enjoyable thing. 学会了什么叫放开, 让自己在没有拘束的情况下尽情放松享受。有种摘下面具的感觉,坦荡荡地呈现情绪。宣泄后,感觉似乎轻松了许多。。

Dunno why I keep getting birthday surprises this year :P And seriously, I am over the moon about them. I really like pleasant surprises, especially when it comes really out of the blue. HAHA!

Ok gotta rush for classes.

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