Friday, April 18, 2008

Deutsch 6

Left to right: SW, Dave, Wen Chiong, Frau N, YZ, TP, XL, YC, JM

I think some of the good friends in life are from those whom you share certain experiences with. I am happy to say I have many and in Uni, I am glad to have met many other people to add on to that list of good friends. Here I am to present my German 6 classmates, some of whom I have grown so much closer to and of course, my dear, didn't forget u.

The friendship with YC, SW, TP and YZ are definitely some of those I wouldn't wanna lose; not in a million years.

From Germany to back in Singapore, I think time really flies. And I truly hope we still will meet up very often, even if it's as Kbox kakis (*eyes brighten*) or drinking kakis or Brotzeit kakis oder was anderes. I will be just a call away. This is our last German lesson in NUS, but certainly it's not gonna our last meeting. Really looking forward to Paintball tmr, guys! Haha.

P/S: To Frau Niemann, wenn Sie hier kommen, haha (allerdings glaube nicht), bedanke ich mich bei Ihnen!

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