Tuesday, April 8, 2008


(The Sun is in Aries from March 21 to April 19, depending on the year).
Aries is the first sign of the zodiac, and Aries natives are the first to start—and the first to finish—whatever they set out to do. Aries is an active, energetic sign. People with Sun in Aries are direct, straightforward, and uncomplicated. They expect the same from others, and are baffled when they don't always get it.

The body comes first with Aries. Sun in Aries people are natural athletes. At the very least, their natural inclination is to use their bodies to get things done. They're not given to long, drawn-out emotional moments; nor are they big on planning ahead. Instead, they live their lives simply. What is happening right now is most important to Aries. Impatience is a definite vice, and innovation is a huge strength. Aries loves to start anything new, and they have trouble sitting still. They are pioneers in whatever they do, and there is a very basic quality of bravery in these people that is unmistakable! Aries generally knows what they want, and they know the quickest route to getting it. They take shortcuts if they must, but generally everything is aboveboard. Underhanded just isn't their style. Some Aries people are bold, but even the quieter ones are brave and even plucky in their own way. Independence is their birthright. Nothing gets them going more than a fresh slate, the promise of a new day, and a brand new start. Aries enjoys a challenge, and Aries Suns are happiest when their lives are moving forward and active. There's a childlike quality to all Aries Sun people, and it's often quite charming.

Hmmm, got that somewhere on the Net. Was listening to FM93.3 and heard some personality description about people born today so decided to check it up on the Net for more interesting information about myself. Sometimes it's just so interesting to hear about such things. Although I have forgotten what the DJ said. LOLX!

Sowieso a BIG THANK YOU to ALL the people who sent me well wishes today, be it here or SMSes, really THANK YOU! You guys really made my day. Serious. :P

Well, think today's GIS interview went ok. *cross my fingers* Thanks to J for the tips, without which I would probably have buang the technical questions, which is like majority of the questions.

Plus I got offered a teaching position... Despite my erm answer during the interview, they still want me. I think they are quite.... Ok nvm, very public here. But well, I think I am quite lucky I must say.

Then the mum of my current tuition kid recommended me to her neighbour for tuition, who recommended me to another neighbour *faint*. So now I have tuition on Sunday from 12 nn till 430pm STRAIGHT! Well, for the sake of money. 拜金 indeed :P

But I think my German oral exam went slightly below average. Sighz... Hopefully, like SW, said "I'll never know."

Saw this on another site
Born April 8: The year ahead is bound to be a pleasant and active one, ripe with new beginnings and fresh energy. There can be times when you overextend yourself, however. A positive attitude serves you best and allows you to grab the opportunities for advancement that are bound to come your way. Dream big, but keep your feet on the ground. Intensity characterizes your close personal relationships.

Hmmm.... Dunno true anot haha...

Thanks to TP, SW, and Ziming and Shuxian for your little pre-birthday dinner at Novena Square. Had this dinner at OrganicAfeXperience. The food (AND desserts and drinks) is really quite nice for its price. I and Ziming ate the beef one, Shuxian the pork one (first pic), TP and SW the fish which I thought was a tad too small but with nice almonds.

Thanks also to SM, for the treat at Brotzeit, cos I said I had Lust for German beer suddenly. And of course P, the fly-pigeon-busy-man.

Thanks to comp bio kakis, who is gonna celebrate for me my birthday tomorrow.

Thanks to my German kakis as well, going out to TP, SW, YC, YZ and XL, for all the things we have done together especially Kbox!! And possibly Paintball next Sunday. YEAH!

Thanks to my family lastly, had Lao Beijing at Novena Square after my greataunt's 80th birthday lunch at her granddaughter's condo. Met a lot relatives whom I met like God-knows-when. Now they are 18!! Gosh!! One of my cousin's daughter (who is 18 or the whereabouts) was like asking me out of the blue, "Are we related?" "That depends on where you are from." (laughed) "Oh. That is my mum." "I think my mum is your mum's aunt." Then she went squealing "OMG! You are my granduncle!!" "I think you can drop that 'grand'. Not that old. HAHA!" Then finally remembered her name, Arita, whom I have met like when she was 8 years old!! I think she is gonna grow up to become an attractive young woman. Even my dad says she can be a model. No pics, sorry. Leider LOLX. Anyway, I left early for tuition then she said to my another cousin's daughter, who is a really pretty Eurasian, Trina, "Did you know he is my uncle!" I just laughed and said good bye. BTW, though Trina is older, I am her uncle!! I met my cousins sons as well. One from ACJC, VERY TALL. Haha.. My brother was afraid to stand beside him for phototaking :P The others are mostly working adults. My cousins are all married btw, in their 50s and 60s (!!!!). Can't believe I have such a skewed but interesting family tree.

I think my life is just getting more interesting.

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