Saturday, April 26, 2008


The realization that the stats module was not THAT indigestible and incomprehensible suddenly hit me right in the face... Gave me this feeling that I might really need more time to really eat it up.... Aargh then, all the what-ifs throughout the semester starts kicking in... I am determined not to fail it, not if I can help it.

But for now, studying stats can wait I guess. Tuesday's first paper is looming its presence menacingly, zzzz...

And my stats project is not finished yet!! I really really hope that my stats proj mate pulls it through. She is our last beacon of hope :P

Felt really good to drop everything and go to take a good look at her. Had thought she would be upset by some stuff. But well, xl, look forward dun look back ya? Believe, and you will be there.


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