Wednesday, April 30, 2008


I did a mental calculation. Was bored from studying so decided to pen down what I think...

60% exams
40% project + tutorials

I attended 2 tutorials. Worst scenario --> 6/10
I handed my project, I reckon it should give me about 20/30
So now I have 26/40. To get a 50%, and hopefully this equates to a pass, I must get 24/60 for my paper.

4 questions, if each is 15 marks, I must get 6 points from each 15 marks.

From the looks of it, I dun think I seem to have a very good chance of passing, considering:
A) this is an optimistic view of my project, though I 100% believe my project mates did a fine job, it really depends on the lecturer,
B) 50% does not mean a pass in ANY modules; I learnt that when 80% does not constitute remotely even an A-
C) getting 6/15 for EACH question is totally beyond my reach when I dun even know how to start....
D) I am blogging when I should be mugging

Ok conclusion: I might not pass.
Implication: I might not graduate...

Somebody ought to just shoot me for morbidity...

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