Wednesday, March 19, 2008

My Mums



Called my mum today to wish her a happy birthday. Sung a birthday song halfway and she went "Huh? 鸣,你说什么?听得到我说话吗?" Yah, she happened to be in an MRT, on her way to meet my aunt. Sian ji bua... Singing on a speaker phone mode in a bus is weird enough. Sing halfway somemore LOLX... Uebrigens for those of you who dunno, my phone's voice emitting thingy is spoilt, so I will be broadcasting all of your voices if u all call me. Anyway, we celebrated for her last Saturday already. My brother bought a cake, a TINY pink heart-shaped one... Can you see how MINUSCULE it is!?! But well, my mum said it was cute. Did I tell you people before my mum's an angel? Well, if not, I shall say it again: my mum's an angel! *听天使在唱歌,我们都要快乐*

Anyway then later was taken up by me going to the toilet and having diarrhoea for the rest of the day. Quite weird. Dunno what I ate. Maybe it's the entire regular Hawaiian pizza and the chicken drumsticks. Even Siwei said that was a lot. But I thought it was ok. But then again, my stomach has to have retarded senses: I ate them yesterday and I got diarrhoea like late afternoon today.

Na ja, macht nichts. But my aunt was quite frantic when I had diarrhoea. Gave me some 风油 to put on my stomach, then ask me to put a lot a lot, “哪里够!! 要这样。。” Then she went on to pour a huge 'puddle' then apply it on my stomach. Then she made hot milo and hot cereals. Then called my mum (heard her call while I was in the toilet) to ask for advice. Then gave me Po Chai pills. By now I am like half-recovered, though stomach still not well. But that was probably the fastest recovery ever. I think I am so blessed to have a second mum, let alone one as wonderful and beautiful as her.

So basically today's my mum's birthday. And I had diarrhoea.

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And I love my both my Mums.
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