Friday, March 21, 2008

GOOD Friday indeed

Ok because I have vented anger on two persons already, I shall let out the last few ounce of anger left in me. To prevent internal injury that may otherwise cause further diarrhoea sensation in the stomach. Let me recount.

I was suppose to meet my sogenannte Boss (think academic) at 1430 on a GOOD FRIDAY. No doubt that is a subarashi Empfehlung by him, considering the fact that Thursday morning he has to prepare for his Thursday afternoon lecture and I have no idea what he would like to do during his oh-so-important Thursday evening, when I asked him on Wednesday. It has to be that important to allow him to even consider FRIDAY, otherwise he really is a $&!@#&@.

*deep breath*

I reached his office at 1425. Saw his office lights off. A-HA! Sensing something wrong, I went to find his assistant, who told me he was there in the morning but has probably gone to lunch at 1300, and usually he takes more than an hour. 1430-1300 = 1 hour 30 min. Ok, never mind since he is Boss, I shall wait, considering the fact it is GOOD FRIDAY and buses are few and far to come by. Time vergeht happily, while I worked on my thesis and prepare what I wanna tell him and ask him, having this impression that I might need to explain what I did so far and what I need to do from here, considering the dateline is next week. Clock strikes 1545.

*Blood bubbles a little*

It's ok. I will wait. So then at 1600, finally he came. Forgetting the fact that 1430 was fixed by him, and Good Friday was fixed by him, I got ready my materials and laptop for a presentation of what I did and need to ask him. Went in.

"So yes. What is it about?" "I did my simulation already and would like to ask about what I should analyse from my simulation. My map is on (this) and if I could just show you..." "No, it's ok you dun have to. Just tell me briefly" -(technicals) (technicals) less than a minute - "So do I need to show you my results and perhaps my thesis before I hand up." "No it's ok. I have complete confidence in you. And I dun think I have time to read so I will just look at the final piece. Ok?"

*Blood boils to the max*

That was so obviously a 逐客令. Like I can "not ok". Plus can you sense the reluctance to wanna know about what I did from the entire procedure? For God's sake I am HIS student!! What confidence when you probably dun even remember my name and the time we were supposed to meet!?! BALLS! This is 100 degree celsius!! The entire talk was not even more than 20 minutes lo. And guess what? There was nothing official about this. I was standing the whole while just verbal exchanges!! No presentation, no specific questions to what I did, no nothing. Thanks....

*ok ok tief tief atmen*

Good: I dun really have to give a shit about him anymore. I get to do my own thing, my way.
Bad: He will probably get a shock when he sees my thesis, hopefully not mark me down, since he has confidence in me anyway. I will have less guidance.

Anyway, anger started to die down as I was trying to keep my temper from flaring outwardly and attract attention, when I saw a few interesting scenes when I was going home.

Saw this sandcastle thingy being built at the playground opposite NUS, across the bridge. Some kids must have built. So nice right? Reminds me of when I was young, when more playgrounds have sand.

Then saw this mini FIBUA in the park opposite my house!! !! A mini war was seriously taking place!! All are handmade models!! Can you see the tanks, the buildings and down to even the mines and barb wires (black things amongst the grass)?? The enthusiasts were there discussing the different techniques to model and stuff. All the tanks are remote-controlled!!! Check out the remote control in that guy's hand. So big! Maybe can fire cannon one!! Damn cool! Geil!!


真难想象,有时简简单单的童真与玩具竟会让人的情绪变得那么快。Sometimes the simplest things in life are the most influential ones. Irony? Naw, it's just life I guess.

否极泰来,好天气即将来临!!Go Go 加油!!

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