Thursday, March 27, 2008

My FYP Thesis

While my printer prints away, I shall blog about the entity that has been my life and bane for the past one year and has been denying me sleep for the past one month.


And it all boils down to these piles of paper. Can you believe that thesis is 63 pages, appendices included?!?! Look at that thickness. Ok, I was bored waiting for 3 X 63 pages to be printed, so I did a comparison with our all-so-familiar Hueber German course book. It is about the same!!! The longest cock-and-bull story I have ever weaved! And guess what, my reference list filled up 9 A4-size FULL pages!! I couldn't believe I read that amount of literature for a single project. HA! *smug*

Ok one set of thesis done. 2 X 63 pages more to go...

Remember the 12-page map? 3X4 A4 papers, couldn't resist taking a photo of my bro and my masterpieces. Here's one of them. 3 of those k....

At 7 am in the morning, My aunt's tenant just woke up and saw me and asked, "Did you just wake up or did you not sleep?" I said "Errr dint sleep lo." Then she said,"Cos you still looked so spunky!"

Well of course la... BIG DAY lehz haha... Finally my life can be normaler and my sleep pattern can resume LOLX.

Seriously other than my thesis, my head is now a groggy piece of grey matter. Literally. So just let me stone and ya, I should be back to normal soon :P

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