Wednesday, March 5, 2008

My First Official Job... Interview in my Life

Job searching does not suck I think, they are just plain convoluted. Lots of preparation to be done, and usually not much of the preparation is used, since most part of the interview I usually play by ear; basically I dumped most preparation to the back of my head. But well, that's my strength and my fallacy. You will see why...

Sowieso if you minus the internship interviews, then this is probably my first JOB interview in my entire 24 years plus plus months on Earth. Sadly, it didn't feel remotely significant. But I do have a lot of introspection on today's interview by MOE.

>> MOE?
>> What else, for teaching lo.

The interview lasted only 15 min. Think this is the shortest interview in my life thus far. The questions were not hard, common even. The interviewers, 2 ladies, 1 guy. The guy sounded interested, the younger lady looks friendly and even genial, the older lady more stern and only seemed to smile (or force-smile) when I smile at her. Think she is the most experienced of them. Must have seen enough people like me to see through my smokescreen. Thankfully, no smokescreen today. All naked swords and shields; open arena fighting.

Then come "Is teaching your main priority?". I wrestled with my answer for 2 seconds in my head and decided to come clean. I actually heaved (a little over-dramatically imo) and said "Frankly speaking, no."

I bit my tongue. (Figuratively)

The next 2 seconds, millions of thoughts hammered through my head, plus a huge and 'loud' siren that shouted 'Mayday'... zzzzz... I was so stumped on I said that I forgot to mask that answer with diplomatic elaborations when I usually would. There and then, I knew that's it for this interview. Whatever ensues will not matter anymore I guess. Trotzdem I trodded on with my usual, to at least try to end off the interview with grace.

Thinking back, the whole interview lacks passion on my part, which I think was what they were looking out for. So even without that hiccup, I wouldn't fare outstanding anyway.

DISCLAIMER: I do love teaching. I have been coaching, tuition-ing, doing some teaching in one way or another in places (school, work, army, voluntary services etc) when my friends needed help, tuition centres etc etc. As in, it's one of those things I would probably be really comfortable and visualise myself doing. But currently it is seriously not one of the main things high up on the list.

(In my head)>> BUT all things aside. That kindda answer is suicidal and stupid can. Please lo, there can be MANY priorities in life. Just make teaching one. THERE AND THEN. Not like they care about whatever you think AFTER you get the job.

Ya I know. Well, treat this as a prelude to the EDB one tomorrow.

Maelstrom March Operation underway.

Right Brain >> Well don't you just love that alliteration? *chuckles*

Left Brain >> Oh please, f*ck off... Gimme a break... *roll eyes*

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