Saturday, May 31, 2008


Ok sorry for the long delay... First week at work was more or less orientation. Expecting next week to be a hell week for me... Hopefully I dun take in too much arrows and die of injuries LOLX...

Just chatted on msn with one of my old frens from JC... Reminiscing about stuff in JC... Realised all the weird things we do back then; that's what make JC one of the most dramatic experiences of my life. Well, I guess when u get older u tend to look back at the things u do and laugh it off.... I think at 40 I will probably see all the things that I did in Uni and laugh as well haha :P We decided finally to have a HCJC 00S79 class outing once again before more people starts going overseas again!! But well, do hope everybody make an effort to turn up, even if it's a special short appearance. Would be nice to meet everyone again after so many years... It's been so long, OMG!

I got my OWN room!! Finally... For 25 years of my life, other than 3 months in Munich where I have my OWN room, this is the FIRST time in my entire life I have my VERY OWN room... To those people who has the luxury of possessing your own room, own bed, own table and own 4 walls, you wouldn't understand the yearning and rantings of a 25-year-old who is suffering a dun-have-own-room syndrome. BUT please do treasure what you have :P

On the plane

In the coach

At the airport

I shall start chronologically from Vietnam trip first LOLX... First day landed was at Ho Chi Minh City! Was really excited, cos first time in Vietnam mah... Plus Rino the guide was quite spunky and vivacious for a start. So not too bad for a first day!

Went to Cu Chi Tunnel!! Finally get to see it. Was so mad about it after I watched 世界正美丽, and saw how intriguing it is. The way the Viet Cong fought off the Americans and the ways the Americans retaliated futilely. I even bought a book on it! And I am the only one who got to go into that small hole, well cos, I volunteered HA! Damn, my shoulders nearly couldn't fit in... Cannot turn around lo after I go in (the 3 small pics at top). No wonder the American soldiers whom I reckon to be far bigger sized than I am can't get through that hole... We get to go through part of the tunnel though. Had to squat and half crawl half walk. Wet somemore, but fun la haha!


And you all should have seen all the traps... WHOA... Scary lo, just by looking at them, gives me the creeps. War really brings out the gore and worst of people.

Then it started to pour!! As in really rain heavily. Drenched from head to toe, thankful for my waterproof shoes! Thanks mum for forcing me to buy those shoes after I come back from Germany! Something I found quite funny was Rino continued the whole tour in the rain!! Lucky for him, we are young people lo... Else damn jialat...

(left front to back) ZH, El, YT (right F to B) J, KM, YY

But well, we got treated to good food and good hotel rooms thereafter. No complaints :P

Check out the cuttlefishes!!

Karaoke behind me!! Wanted to K, but no time lo.... Haha... Was looking forward to Hanoi where Ph might bring us, cos apparently most of these provide "special services" other than singing, so good to bring a Vietnamese friend along for ya know easier communication. But too bad, some stuff cropped up so wasn't able to... The first understandable song I heard in Vietnam was a 张栋梁 song. ZH and I were so shocked!! HAha LOLX...Coffee at well-known coffee place, Trung Nguyen which has a franchise across all Vietnam; Vietnam is famous for coffee btw. They have free WiFi in this cafe, and lots more other cafes, we soon found out HAHA... Damn zai!

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