Monday, June 2, 2008

My Office Desk

I got my desk at work today as well!! With my own phone and desktop to boot... Though I haven't gotten my desktop, I heard I gonna get a 19" (or was it 22") screen, and a dual core desktop CPU!! Ok big screen... haha...

Well but I am on probation... Hopefully I get past this stage to be officially employed... My boss looks like a no-nonsense guy with high standards... So I think I will have to work harder.... Things are still shaky at the moment definitely, as in nothing's festgelegt; room's not ready, work's not totally taken over, everything's a mess. But oh well, quite trivial actually everything haha; alright i am just complaining... And I got my second upper so who cares? Oops, did I mention I got my second upper? LOLX.. Thanks to my FYP distinction LOLX and I have this sentence to thank: "I have full confidence in you." Think it contains "alot" of meanings in there HA! O well, now I AM officially in the working world.

I am truly grateful though, to my upper, Adrian, for painstakingly taking time off to teach me the complicated ropes and he even offered to teach me via MSN after last week!! Think I can't find a better teacher than this.. And also to Chee Seng, for making me feel at home and always lending me a hand... Well, in the house of married men, I can only say I have lots to learn haha...

And TC's getting married!!! Congrats!! Haven't seen the lucky girl =P I am sure they make a good couple. I better mark that day on my calendar and that makes 2 married frens liaoz... *edit* TC's going MIT to study phD, and his wife-to-be is following him there. All the best!!
Second day at Vietnam was off to the Mekong River!! One of the longest river in the world, flowing through more than 5 countries!! I like water - rivers, seas, lakes etc... I think I have a certain affinity with water, though I dun exactly love swimming, I love diving. Anyway the trip to the river was really cool... Went to visit this Kampong-like place where we tasted coconut beer, sweets, delicious cart food, play with a python, play amongst bees and honey, sat on a donkey-driven cart and ate delicious fruits which are head-sized big!! Amazing!! Pictures speak a thousand words~~~

Our lunch was filled with fish... Hahha, the big round thing is actually fish cake!! It's empty inside but a bit sweet and crispy when you bite. The whole table is full of seafood lo!! Check out the fish in Kang Min's hands! Think it's a piranha!!

After the day out at the river, we head out to the train station for an overnight train ride to Da Nang and Hoi An, a world heritage town. Overnight train ride was another big experience. We divided up 4 girls and 3 guys. Things that guys do and girls do when they r bored are so different.... HAHA! Well for us, we just fish out a laptop for a versus fighting game!! And check out the thing that I and Elvin bought for breakfast - eggs with the embryonic veins popping out, meaning the chick embryo is in formation... Looked so dodgy and to me it looks a bit irksome.... Well, we disposed of it, cos creepy just by looking at them.... ie we went without breakfast... *edit* Apparently this thingy, according to Tipin, is a delicacy from the Philippines, called Balut... The Wiki images give me the creeps...

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