Friday, June 6, 2008


Suddenly I realised the preciousness of a lazy Saturday :P ... morning only that is...

Well, I guess for now I would definitely need the rest. Things are still a bit unsettled, though my room is mostly done, with my clothes and all moved in... There is still quite a bit of space to store some more stuff!! Well, I am surprised indeed. For 2 persons worth of clothes, we indeed do not require a very big wardrobe *recalling "Sex n the city" Carrie's wardrobe*

"Sex n the City" was indeed a blast I feel, all packed with witty dialogues and definitely not excluding the U.S.-drama-serials-formula of hunks and babes and erotic scenes and innuendos... But well, it's all in all a show filled with emotions and flesh-and-blood and sentiments nonetheless even if you minus the sex (well it's SEX and the city) and whatever else that comes with that. No wonder the drama series have excellent review and no wonder the cinema was full... I enjoyed the show pretty much and was laughing and grinning my way through. I dunno about YC though, he seems pretty quiescent though he was the one who suggested watching the show...

Good to know that I am mixing well with my colleagues. Getting a little awkward fitting in but was happy to note that people are making the effort, and I should make mine too. Had a beer party yesterday at work!! Though it's not really fantastic, the turnout was pretty good I guess. I went to grab one can with some of the guys... IV was there too, dint see the rest of the girls from my level though. Just one can got me quite a bit of non-itchy rashes from yesterday night till today. Dun think it's worth it haha cos I think let's just say I still like German beer.

If you realised, I have been using only initials nowadays. My convention would probably be following the syllabus of the name. Read an article on blogging yesterday and realised that I am subjecting my friends to possible danger by stating their names blatantly out in this supposedly-only-friends-come-but-not-in-actuality place. So I shall refrain, to save my friends from more harm. In any case, people who knows what I am talking about will know la. All for the greater good :P

Third day, the overnight train took us to Da Nang then a coach ride to Hoi An, a UNESCO world heritage town, because also it preserved one of the oldest buildings in Southeast Asia. Seriously, a little petite town, still filled with vibrancy though when you decided to walk around the place. True to the rainy season, it started to rain again. But this time, dunno if it's because it's a lady tour guide, she was more meticulous to our needs apparently. We had raincoats!! Albeit flimsy ones, at least there's something to block the rain off. Ya, I tore my raincoat yes.... We strolled along the *edit* Thu Bon River in the rain.

The hotel was superb!! I love our room manz, it opens up to a small swimming pool!! And they have flowers on the beds haha.. Find it damn cute. Seriously very nice. No complaints manz, plus the service was very good too!

Now now whose idea was it to put flowers to ward off the smell of their socks?
Despite tiredness, we played Taboo and cards and drink Vietnamese beer, think it was Saigon beer. It was great fun!! HAHA... Laugh until we spit beer LOLX... Amazingly I dint get any rashes! Weird, something they dint put which the others did.... Not a beer person apparently....

And we celebrated ZH's birthday!! Terrific way to have a birthday celebration in a posh-looking Chinese restaurant with friends all around and the tour agency gave him a cake and flowers! The restaurant auntie gave him a hug!! HAHA!! Damn funny la! The girls made him carry the flowers all the way to Hue lo haha...

ZH, EV and I decided to have breakfast on our own, so here is our first 路边摊 food - beef noodles!! I like the food :p Definitely a touristy little town lo... But nice.

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