Thursday, June 19, 2008

Some lost time...

The coming of my first paycheck sort of marks my first month at my institute already. It's like.. so fast! I am yet truly amazed at how blessed my life is: integration into the environment was smooth, it's like what one of my colleagues say "I thought you were from another lab because you looked so at home here; no culture shock, nothing!" The initial transition period probably lasted less than a week. I am really really glad my colleagues were nice people, even a smile or a nod suffice.

Work was starting to pile once my upper left. I am thankful my dearest came back and everything's just as where we left off, actually even more. I am just grateful that whenever I need a getaway from work at the end of the day, she is the balm of my heart and soul. =)

The big gathering at K was another big highlight! Bon voyage SW! And it has really been a long time since we all came together, albeit CW couldn't make it.

79 gathering last week was cool too! Although only 7 turned up, I thought it was a good catchup! WJ looked ever so chirpy, E, though sick so radiant and all, TC looks the same haha, the same ueber yet humble person whom I admire during JC, SJ, a bit subdued I felt, but vivacious nonetheless, ZY turned FAIRER (OMG!) haha, YJ same reserved person... All looked and felt the same, but with an additional sense of fatigue, that probably discerns us from our more bubbly and naive selves years back.. Hope to catch up with people at TC's wedding definitely :P

(L to R) K, T and I

Pink cab!
Victory Monument - near where our condo is
ZH and my room; look at the sparkling floor!!
Chinatown at night!
(L to R) KM, YY, T and K - guava chewing
This little boy followed from streets back!! Well cos he wanted some cash.. which our generous ZH gave..
Bird's nest soup - YY immersing in her dreams..

Bangkok trip must definitely be one of the nicest trips, all because we have T and K with us!! I am really glad we met years back, cos they are still the T and K I knew back then: vivacious, ever so willing to help, ever so playful and ever so terrific people... Thip got us 2 rooms, which are actually CONDOS!! I thought it would be hostels lo... But they are condos!! OMG!! Damn nice!

Multi-coloured taxis are everywhere!! There are even pink ones!! Took specially for XL to see haha :P

First day in Bangkok, T and K brought us on a FOOD TOUR!!! Chinatown's food is terrific!! ANd the watermelon juice, oh manz, I melted in that.. qooooooo....

Ok some randoms...

Did you know Thais like sugar in their fishball noodles?!?!?

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