Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Tennis at NUS

Tennis is really a sport I haven't got a chance to really explore. Well it seems I might just have a chance to play it every week now that my colleagues are pretty into it! Today tennis is at NUS, but 1 hour's a little too short.

Shit, I forgot to take picture... NVM next time i will try to take... Gotta know lots of my colleague's AD's friends. They seemed a pretty closely knitted bunch of friends, maybe cos they are from the same church. In any case, it was pretty fun time hanging out with them and playing tennis with J and PT.

After our short tennis matches, with me the most clownish of them all, we even went for a 2.4km run!! Ok more than 2.4km cos we ran the outer rounds; damn it was good!! The power of having people to run with you is amazing!! Being no longer in Redhill, means I lost YC as my running partner; not that we run regularly together anyway, in fact it was only once, but nonetheless... And the 3 of them can really run - JJ, HJ, AD!

After which we went to an Indian restaurant to eat Indian food.. duh... Got introduced to Naan, smaller and supposedly healthier version of prata, and Dhal, the soup and some other wholemeal pratas (?!?) Couldn't rem the names haha! It was really cool chilling out there, where I listened to them talk about their past, their current jobs and current situations etc...

I, as a fresh graduate, realised I am in league with (other than married men and women) experienced people who are willing to share their working experiences and life and I am glad I am so blessed once again to be meeting such nice people. Reminded me of lunch today where guy colleagues, think almost 12 of us, sat in a coffee shop and talk rubbish and lunch at the same time. Though they are much older, I was having so much fun listening to them talk. They are VERY entertaining indeed. And realised CB's a running fanatic, jio-ed me to run Standard Chartered *faint*.. Let me consider... HAH! Anybody else wanna join?

AD's planning to get married, stepping into the Hall of Fame for married men at our level 3, HAHA! Seriously, everybody's either married or married with kids, even J whom I thought looked so young (but much older) actually has a 2-yr-old daughter!! Gosh!
Last day in Hoi An brought us to the late kings' mausoleums, 2 of them only actually, the supposedly more representative ones. Forgot the names, think they were Tu Duc (cos I think the Vietnamese pronounced it very intriguingly nice haha) and the other one dunno father or son of Tu Duc. One representing the romantism, the other forgot wat LOLX. But both are pretty nice la just that they probably have become worn out after years of war and rampage and disuse, and of course nobody actually uses them.. But it took us half the day to actually finish visiting the places, with the guide giving a lecture on both. SERIOUS! A LECTURE! Well ok nvm. HA!

YT with El's work of art haha!!

Our lunch!! nice hoh..

Seriously 古色古香, an obvious influence by the Chinese

tour guide said this was a true replica of a man then - a bit vertically challenged hoh..

another statue

Subsequently we embarked on our final destination in Vietnam - HANOI! Where we will meet Ph!! And of course her fiance, who is her legal husband now as we speak. Woohoo! Overnight train was the same arrangement... Somebody commented I got a tummy... I never knew I had one HAHA! Ok well, at least given the amount of exercise I do, I hope I would never get one... So I showed her my waist pouch under my shirt... zzzz... but it's quite funny cos nobody has commented that on me before. Something to think about.. HA!

train station
Wonder what's the ice for? Anybody can answer me?

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