Sunday, June 8, 2008


Was finishing the last batch of stuff from my drawers. Saw the 3 autograph books there. One from each phase of my academic career: primary, secondary, pre-U. They definitely do bring back fond memories. As I read through the entries and recall how my friends were back then and how they are now, and I recall all the good old days in the classrooms or class benches, I realised how circumstances have changed. Perhaps many of the friends would have changed here and there (well even I have) the basic personality might not have? It's funny looking at the comments your friends wrote about you back then, then u started asking yourself "Wow, how much do they still hold true now?" I wonder... But well whatever the case is, the books do bring back good memories :P

But I am grateful I got to know the people I have met throughout my life. Like my dear's fav quote "Everything happens for a reason, even if it doesn't seem so now..." I suppose it does and will in due time, at some points in life. Oh well, time for bed.
Ok "today" we arrived at Hue, the ancient capital of Vietnam, hence has some of the UNESCO world heritage preserved sites as well. Enroute, we passed by the Thuan An beach! Supposedly one of the most beautiful beaches in Vietnam. So we wouldn't miss the chance of seaside photos, would we? Still remembered some weird people wanted to get free notes from Singapore out of us...


Compbio 到此一游!!

And also my apologies, the previous post,Perfume River, is actually from Hue!! psps... LOLX... My bad. Arriving in Hue, we took a cruise down the river to this Thien Mu pagoda, which is the symbol of Hue, and the Imperial Citadel, which houses the Purple Forbidden City (sounds like 紫禁城, but a bit far off in terms of stature) and the ancient royal palace, which was torn to dilapidation and ruins by natural disasters, wars and revolutions. They were preparing for the Vesak Day celebration, so they even brought elephants!! Cool!

Thien Mu Pagoda

(Hungry) carps are considered auspicious...

Imperial Citadel
The Palace


Lonely footprints, care a walk mit mir?

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