Friday, June 13, 2008

I wonder...

Had a little online msn pep talk with SW... I believe this is the first time we ever had such a tete-a-tete with each other. The feeling's like back to JC... But let's just say we got to know each other a little better.

But before that was our penta-K-box session: CW,SW,YC,TP and ME!! Damn cool la!! When the K Box kakis combine power ahz, it's damn fun one lo HAHA!! It's been quite a while since we come together to sing le and I am glad to see them manz... CW came in formal, although I am working I went in my normal tees and jeans... A bit off, and YC as usual has to point it out HAHA.. O well, then there's the ever so vivacious SW and TP hasn't seem to have changed LOLX... Wonder where's yz, haven seen her for a while too... O well, but K was really fun, more yelling and screaming than singing, really... haha, well the beauty of it all is the connection I guess :P When everybody starts to work, then hard to meet up also le... CW ends late then I might OT, then YC too far to centralise, TP prob too much stuff also, SW rush projects and stuff, so I guess hold on to whatever there is ba...


Anyway, last stop Hanoi!! Met up with the sweet couple, Ph and her fiance (ok I admit I forgot his name, so sorry!!). They brought us around and even paid for our food!! So paiseh but when we tried to alleviate some financial burden, they said it's part of the Vietnamese custom that guests come they will treat... Then well nothing to say lo, but THANK YOU!! And we visited the Ha Long Bay with the stalactites and stalcmites, and its natural beauty. Well, no wonder it is a candidate for the natural wonders of the world.

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