Thursday, November 20, 2008


Well, my dear and I decided to talk on MSN today. She mentioned even when we were online nowadays (which is not much seriously), we seldom make any talks.

So we did have an interesting conversation, as it turns out to be, that is actually pretty verbose and extensive.



Today despite cutting lotsa of our lovey-doveys, it does, amazingly, sound appropriately like a couple tete-a-tete, where we bare all of our thoughts in a cyber-debate; once in a while unleashing that verbal devil within to the correct amounts does feel rather satisfying. Well, seriously, I dun mind as long as my angel feels good about it.

Thought that was pretty constructive. Unexpectedly. :P

DISCLAIMER: Not that I dint like MSN. Just thought it wasn't suitable for a couple talk to be without tone and mood. And she doesn't express well on the phone - or so she said.

But well, something different once in a while does pull off pleasantly.

So now I gotta learn cyber-telepathy.

With her, naturally. :)

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