Friday, December 5, 2008


Scream. Once.

Sometimes life whirls around like a maelstrom, and I just want to crawl out of all the drama and action and find a balmy solace, and watch all of the hype unfold and just pass by.

Just let them pass by. ~~Who cares?~~

Like you are watching things just go by, without a woe in the world that you would get left behind, without a worry about expectations.

Without a single worry and not a single woe.

Scream. Twice..

Perhaps, just somewhere, with someone, sometimes. Comfortably being part of someone's silence. Knowing that for to all the kaleidoscope that is everchanging in the world out there, I can promise myself, FOR ONCE, that I am doubtlessly, completely and absolutely sure of something.
So why am I screaming inside?

Just take me away.

Fly me to the moon.

Scream. Thrice...

Blasting the music and just realised that the heart scream until no voice anymore liaoz. *pathetic*

Start the crooning and let's just drown out that horrible yelping....