Friday, December 5, 2008

Dedicated to my one and only dear

Who doesn't like pleasant surprises, raise your hand!? LOLX..

Nothing can describe the feelings inside me when I took the surprises, wave by wave.

I arrived at the MRT station, to meet XL. My lovely lady gave me 3 stalks of roses, peppered with the stars of baby breaths. Sweet, would be an thorough understatement of my exact sentiments. Because, that gesture held a huge impact on me at that very moment.

I am at a loss for vocabulary. =P

Because, to me, for a girl to send flowers, it would mean a huge step on her part.

And if your words can't say enough, dear, then a romantic gesture as this blew me away totally.

Now who says guys can't receive flowers? *bleah*

Then after a simple dinner, we passed by this balloons thingy where we wrote our New YEar well wishes. So if you are going to the MArina Bay for the countdown party (we have got other plans *grinz*), you would be lucky (definitely) to catch that one ball that bears our handwriting. AND it's free btw. Just thought the guy who was asking to write should have told the passers-by, who being the skeptical Singaporeans as we all are, look as though he is some kind of blood-suckers, trying to draw people. If you know what I mean.

Then we went for a chillout at 爱琴海!I had wanted to go, because I have never been there, but was just on a more cavalier note that we could try our luck on a Friday night. But my dear actually made a reservation!!

Seriously, it IS a perfect chillout on a lazy Friday night, and what is more than being able to spend the magical acoustic moments with that spectacular significant other as mine.

Thank you my dear.

Transcending all words, beyond every doubt....

I love you.

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