Saturday, December 6, 2008


My longest standing good friend NH has finally settled down in matrimonial bliss. Felt so happy for her!! The bride herself looked radiant and ever-the-so humourous and vocal lady that we have all known her to be. I think she and her husband can easily take over the role of the MCs. LOLX. And, of course, she looks exceptionally gorgeous that day, turning up in the white wedding gown and a maroon night gown. And, it wouldn't have also been complete without the groom's presence, of whom I do not personally know.

And 2 tables worth of primary school friends attended this wedding, and boy, was it a reunion for us too!! Some of us probably have not seen each other for years! YL and SK, who has only RECENTly changed his English name to J *roll eyes* (previously was I), like disappeared from the radar for a very long time. But whole lot of us seemed to be doing pretty ok, despite the economy downturn and the terrorists gloom hovering. And I think we all agreed that within these few years, there are gonna be lotsa wedding bells sounding. And, naturally, our purses weeping as well HAHA!!

Well, this is already the 2nd, after TC's. Well, a bit haphazard but here's a short interlude/digression to Teck Chuan's wedding. SO, there's already one from primary sch and one from JC group.

NH's wedding dinner at the "atas" Marriott Hotel proved to be really good. Wah, people quite rich ahz. HAHA! But the ambience and decor at a 5-star hotel 就是不一样!! LOLX! Plus, there is a little pre-dinner phototaking session which I thought was quite interesting.

Anyway, what was surprising for me was after dinner and we went to shake the newly-weds families and their hands. NH's brother recognised me almost immediately!! I was pretty taken aback haha!! Then when I told her mum my name, she said "OMG! Couldn't recognise you!" But she does remember me. Haha, felt so happy for the mum indeed. Like most mums that I have come across from the generation, NH's mum has toiled hard for the children and she does really look extremely contented.

But well, NH and I were really good friends back primary school. My longest standing good friend lo, starting from pre-primary, to primary 1 to 6, we were only not in the same class in primary 4. Somemore we were always seated together cos we were left-handers!!

LOLX! Time does fly pretty fast ya... Was looking through some of my primary school with my dear yesterday, and gone were the days with big specs that covered half our faces.

Finally, I wish my good friend here a very blissful marriage, which I have no doubt you would have =P

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