Sunday, December 7, 2008

Rest in Peace

Ironic as it looks from my previous entry, I was still deeply shaken by the unfortunate news of the death Ms Lo Hwei Yen in Mumbai. Hapless being that she was there only for a night, and that she just landed in India on that fateful night, I cursed the terrorists for bringing the death of an innocent lady, still at the prime of her life. Indeed, no one is spared of such malice.

While I was still in the midst of getting over that, news of seemingly lesser magnitude than a terrorists attack hit nearer home and nearer to the heart. The bus accident along NS highway took away the life of my secondary school classmate - a Singapore doctor working at Changi Hospital. News had it that CS was travelling back from Ipoh, on the reputable Grassland bus from a friend's wedding...

Though we hadn't been close friends, we were on talking terms. And what's more, he was on the list of attendees on the class gathering this coming week at my form teacher's place...

This seemed akin to the car accident in US, where HC, my University coursemate passed away 2 years ago, during her NOC stint. For a youth, so optimistic, so vibrant, so mentally strong and outstanding, and most importantly still so hopeful for the future, their life journey ended abruptly. It just hit me hard: why were their lives being snuffed out just like that.

A very silly question in the face of reality, but one that struck at the very fragility of life, and together, the inevitability of the journey.

This is truly a trying period for his family, who flew in from Hong Kong. As friends, we shall mourn for him and may his soul rest in peace, and his image in our hearts.

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