Tuesday, April 27, 2010

LASIK (1 Month)

^ image from http://www.nlm.nih.gov/medlineplus/ency/imagepages/1094.htm

2nd week
I went back to see doctor. I found this thick red blood vessel on the side of the sclera (white of eye) of my left eye. Like quite obvious if you look real closely. And all the dry eyes and staring at the computer screen at work in an air-con office forced out alot of the small capillaries. So I scared myself when I looked into the mirror... Initially I thought that vessel might go away if I sleep early or the next morning when I have rested my eyes. It did mellow down and kind of became thinner, but still there.

I then googled these decongestants, thought they might help:

But before I buy anything I decided to find my doc first. Just to be on the safe side. After 3 days, I really got a bit panicky and decided to visit the clinic. Dr Lee told me that was a legacy left from my contact lenses, probably because I wore them too often and sometimes I wore them for too long a period of time. Contact lenses are known to pull blood vessels to your iris/pupil because they reduce the oxygen your eyes are getting (blood vessels bring more oxygen). I know these facts, but I think you only start to feel the pain when you SEE the real effects. And you do not usually see them until they start to be really visible. By the time the bad effects manifest, you are already doomed... One good thing, however, I have a habit of leaving one or two days a week of "fallowing" - not wearing contacts. So the opthalmologist checked last few times, they said my eyes were ok... So kindda controversial.... Probably the LASIK just worsened an already bad situation.

So anyway, well, I guess I have to live with that from now on. Nothing too serious (even trivial) aesthetically or medically. The doctor prescribed Optodexine to constrict the blood vessel. I googled but couldn't find if it's a decongestant, but I think it constricts by increasing pressure on the eye, because the nurse measured my eye pressure then and told me to go back after 2 weeks to check the eye pressure. The Optodexine was to be applied 3 times a day and it worked miracles. Not only do I feel fresher with it, the constriction was almost immediate.

Dr Lee said it was good I came to him (of course, there's money earned on mere consultation). That aside, it could have meant infection or bacteria on the surface of the eyes (one of the symptoms is blood vessels). So it pays to be more paranoid than usual; I mean it's your eyes...

3rd week
Applied Optodexine. Deadline over, so work started to be less urgent, slept earlier --> meaning more rest for my eyes.

4th week
Went back to see doctor. He said the vessel appeared thinner and largely probably due to the dry eyes being reduced as well.

Moral of the story:
Contact lens hygiene and eye care important!! Do not err (like me) by "Out of sight, out of mind", because this WILL haunt you...

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