Thursday, April 26, 2012

Food names

This entry is for my own (and perhaps) some of your educational purposes on certain food terms. Just in case we might encounter this on food menus.

All courtesy of a very good and knowledgeable friend, GG. And seriously, the idea of this entry and the future ones to come stem from the numerous eclectic discussions that CT, GG and I always have, online or offline. Haha, such fun indeed =)

WORD NUMBER 1: quinoa (pronunciation)
- it's like wheat
- there are quinoa muffins
- very peruvian
- supposedly the next in-thing: chia seeds... because of their superb nutritional value... Not sure if it's overrated

WORD NUMBER 2: coq au vin (pronunciation)
-  a classic French cuisine
- essentially chicken with red wine
- complete with sides - pearl onions, mushrooms, petit pois, and parsleyed noodles
- Julia Child's recipe is very good
- good with souffles (pron) as dessert

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