Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Of Gothic and Vintage

Recently got hooked onto "motifs". Not only that it's part of my scientific work, but also my own leisure art.

Apart from my usual doodles of leaves, grasses, rocks, snails, butterflies and random borders, I have a little added gothic and vintage motifs to my (limited) repertoire...

Some of my inspirations (the websites that these originated are awesome, click on them to go there):

Now with my trusty black marker, I decided to put my brain and hands to work:
As people can see, this is really a sketch on a piece of rough paper.
Right after this I decided to dive right in...
Took me a while but not too long. It didn't seem too bad LOLX

Successfully gave my brain the little break it needed. Unexpectedly, I think taking that shot above made inadequacies really apparent. Some fine-tunings need to be done!

Last tip of the day: Google Image = best friend in searching for images - it can use keywords like Google, or you upload a picture and voila, images just roll in!

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