Saturday, December 18, 2010

The art of concentration is always one that is hard for me to master totally. Most of the time, you thought you have obtained an expert level on it, but ultimately it still eludes you after disuse. It's not like swimming, where the skill stays encoded in muscle memory.

Sometimes, I envy my childhood days when I didn't have so many things in my head and the world revolves only around study, play and sleep. Intense focus was a skill I had. I could work hours on something and oblivious about the world around me. I would play and come up with ideas on games to play or levels to cross and complete. Sleeping is the only thing left from those days that I could do without a worry, haha.

Then, I found squash. It was this sunset sport in Singapore that I didn't really know about. Haha. Playing it again here in New Haven, is just amazing...Like a clock being rewound and setting the adrenaline on a rush again.

There was nothing else. Just me and the ball. Just focus on the single sphere. On moving that ball to where you want it to, trying to make adjustments to the grip of the racket, the flow of the swing and the exertion of the strength to make that ball move to your desired location. Perfect focus training for the mind, when the opponent is just you, yourself and nobody else.

I wonder how long I can keep up with this regime. Even more pertinently, how long I can keep up when spring semester starts. For the time being, I want to try to regain a satisfactory level of concentration...


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