Thursday, December 23, 2010


Finally managed to visit the WTC site in NYC. Construction is underway for the new memorial and the WTC transportation hub. The site is no longer bare and actually bore none of the signs that allude it to the apocalyptic grounds that it was about 9 years ago.

It looks pretty much like any other construction site, isn't it?

Except that it isn't. I think that's the purpose of memorials. Any memorials for that matter. It reminds future generations of things that ought to be remembered when traces of everything else's been changed and long gone. It is also a reminder of human resilience, as the memorials stand vigil as monuments of the past among new buildings of the present and future. How people stand tall again, despite crises and adversities; how people move on...

I didn't know that there were actually 4 planes that were hijacked that day: 2 for the WTC (1 tower each), 1 crashed into the Pentagon, and the last one, the passengers revolted against the terrorists but still crashed into somewhere in Pennsylvannia. I guess the focus was so much on the WTC because that's where the most people were killed and the most dramatic. It was a saddening affair at the preview memorial musuem...

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